Information overload is a common pheonomenon and stark reality of today's business world. People get inundated with hundreads of emails, various reports presenting similar information in multiple and many times redundant ways. In this kind of age getting attention of your client/stakeholder can be a daunting challenge faced by many RIAs, wealth managers, hedge funds and family offices. Collaboration & communication have been unanimously accepted as defining factors for success of today's businesses but collaboration can not be meaningfully achieved without putting in place right processes and technology supporting those processes.

Our Portal & Document Management solutions are aimed at providing gateway to your information for all stakeholders in a structured way that fosters trust, enhances collaboration and achieves efficiency by allowing your business to scale without incrementally adding costs.




Document Management Solutions

Document management focuses on the storage and organization of documents to support active work in progress, including content creation and sharing within an organization. When organizations do not have any kind of formal document management system in place, content is often created and saved in an unmanaged and decentralized way on scattered file shares and individual hard disk drives. This makes it hard for employees to find, share, and collaborate effectively on content. This also makes it difficult for organizations to use the valuable business information and data in the content.

ConvergeSol has developed solutions using Microsoft SharePoint to :-

  • Store, organize, and locate documents.
  • Ensure the consistency of documents.
  • Manage metadata for documents.
  • Help protect documents from unauthorized access or use.
  • Ensure consistent business processes (workflows) for how documents are handled.

Portal Development Solutions

Most of the companies need an ability to represent single version of truth around its financial reporting and create, manage and distribute information to all its stake holders on a consistent basis. We have developed intercompany portal (web based) using Microsoft SharePoint using customized C# code that leverages access control and role based security, Integration with CRM and data warehouse. The portal gives our client benefit of ‚ÄúSingle version of Truth‚ÄĚ and is accessible on any internet device.

While website development is not our core business, we have developed commercial websites for our clients using .NET and PHP.



  • Analyze your organizations current content strategy, content types and content repositories
  • Develop holistic view of content needs, content data sources, associated workflows and persistent needs
  • Leverage our proprietary framework to create document management repository and associated processes to support your organization's content needs
  • Assess needs around enterprise search, indexing, content retreival, security, role based access, content archiving et al.
  • Provide insights to select best off the shelf ECM/Document Management systems like MS SharePoint or industry specific products like Tamarac, Pertrac, Backstop
  • Jump start your project by leveraging our reusable assets to migrate your document repository / portal
  • Integrate with your existing upstream and downstream systems to provide consistent and reliable information to your stakeholders



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