Application Lifecycle Management Offering (ALMO) is much more than a typical application support. It allows you to extend your organizations technology capabilities in addition to keeping your applications operational and having unlimited flexibility.

Major offerings under ALMO include -

  • Manage entire portfolio of your applications and processes
  • Covers entire application life cycle from conception to sunset
  • Extension of your technology team
  • Flexible retainer based pricing structure


  • Analyze your organizations current software footprint, requirements and IT infrastructure.
  • Work with your stakeholders to come up with eventual end state with focus on untangling information, repeatable and reliable processes
  • Create SLA and support structure factoring in client's organization, technology maturity and stakeholder expectations
  • Develop solution using our proprietary iterative, incremental methodology that creates buy-in, deliver in chunks and leverage reusable assets.
  • Build feedback loop, lessons learned to fine tune and optimize implemented solutions
  • Develop unique operating model specific to your organization needs.
    • Build and Operate (BO) or Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) basis
    • Shadowing
    • Technology agnostic
    • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Based On Your Requirements
    • Sufficient Overlap With Onshore Team



HF ALMO case study

The case study talks about how our ALMO solutions helped the client client with migration of data, build compliance rules, portal development and custom software development. Read More

SFO Outsourcing case study

The case study talks about various benefits derived by our Single Family Office client who moved to Outsourcing in terms of technical expertise, flexibility and cost benefits allowing the client to focus on their core business. Read More .