Automation could means different things to different people but simple meaning we have practiced for many of our clients is to apply technology for better and faster business outcomes. This may mean, if you are fund of funds and you want better data aggregation solutions to your needs or if you are a quant shop and need to satisfy your data hungry algorithm by scrapping web for specific data elements or you are a software product company and need predictable testing cycle to ensure quality for your product. Whatever is your need, we at ConvergeSol can provide customized solution for your organization to improve your business outcomes and in turn liberating you from technology nightmares to enable you to focus on what you do the best. Our solutions encompass the entire gamet of people, process and technology.


Excel Automation

We still see lot of companies using Excel for reporting. This is not only time consuming but error prone. Excel Automation helps companies focus on optimization, data accuracy, faster processing and standardizing business processes. We have helped our clients to develop Excel Automation Solutions which will help significantly data accuracy and report customization.

Business Process Automation

As organizations grow, excel automation may not be sustainable. Hence companies need to move to Business Process Automation approach wherein data is stored systematically in repository, standardize data points as well as business process and implement data processing tools using ETL tools and higher level languages like Python, C#, Web services, SSIS etc..

Automated testing

Automated testing is desirable in larger websites to ensure various functionalities in the websites work in the way it has been designed. We have typically helped clients do automated testing of their websites using tools like Selenium and Java language.

Web Scrapping

Web Scraping (also termed as Screen Scraping, Web Data Extraction, Web Harvesting etc..) is a technique employed to extract large amounts of data from websites.

ConvergeSol can develop automated web scrapping solutions subject to “Terms & Conditions” of the data source to be scrapped for legality.


Excel Automation

We have seen large number of smaller companies using Microsoft excel extensively. The newsletter talks about Excel automation that helps improve data accuracy, faster processing and standardizing business processes. Read More

Website Scraping

The newsletter talks about various Web Scraping Techniques, advantages, cautions etc. Read More