Today's businesses require faster time to market and multiple channels to reach out to their target audience and stakeholders. Mobile platforms are becoming increasingly popular and universally accepted parts of application development and deployment strategy. This includes either porting existing application for mobile or creating brand new mobile app from scratch. Our Mobile Application Development Solutions addresses this need by making sure that client can create stimulating and engaging user experience in the most seamless manner at the same time working with reliable partner.

We help clients to build mobile solutions by analyzing current state, goals for mobile presence and developing comprehensive strategy to execute on their mobile visions. Be it few brilliant buddies launching startup hedge fund or family office supporting one of the billionaire's wealth our mobile application development solution is aimed to solve seamless transition to mobile platforms for our clients to realize their goals.




Create Mobile Applications – Regardless of the platform, we can help you establish your mobile presence. It includes:

  • Selecting mobile platform like Apple (iPhone, iPad or iWatch), Android, Windows.
  • UX/UI experience design.
  • Backend development.
  • Deploying to target eco systems.
  • Maintaining your mobile platforms.

Extension of existing Enterprise Application – If you are just starting to consider move to mobile, we can help create extension of your enterprise application. This offering mainly includes:

  • Analyze your software development and application development capability to suggest the most optimal development tools to use for your mobile presence (e.g. Xamarin, PhoneGap etc.)
  • Mobile App development (Apple, Android or Windows).
  • Deploy to target eco system.
  • Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) model or Build and Operate (BO) model.



WizClock - Case Study of a mathematical Quizzing App

The case study talks about a startup wanted to develop an innovative mathematical watch that displays time using mathematical problems. The answers to the mathematical problems indicate current time. The App, both for IPhone and IWatch was targeted towards helping Alzheimer patients and Young Children improve mental capability by using mathematical questions to know time. Read More