Today's businesses require faster time to market, accurate data and customization capability in their reporting framework for management decision making. Increasing stringent regulatory criteria's, recent economic challenges make timely and accurate information on risk, accounting, taxation & performance reporting even more important. Our Reporting and Analytic solutions addresses this need by making sure that client gets a single version of truth in multi data source environment that is reliable, repeatable and error free. Getting to information is the first step but the real advantage is to look deep into information be it cost bps, pnl bps or scenario analysis.


We help clients to build customize reporting and analytics solutions by analyzing current state and then developing straight through processing to support client's needs. Be it few brilliant buddies launching new hedge fund or family office supporting one of the billionaire's wealth our reporting and analytics solution is aimed to solve information overload by collaboratively develop a straight through process that not only streamline information flow but provide insights into information to make logical sense and swift decision making.




Data Warehouse


Many companies have various sources of data which needs to be aggregated. Some of the companies do it manually using excel. We have helped our clients create consolidated data warehouse (repository) that can be used for

  • Establishing single source of truth
  • Decision support tool
  • Quicker access to data when you want it and how you want it.
  • Auditing as well as time series view of data

Reporting and Analytic solutions


In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies need faster time to market, more accurate data and Customization capability in their reporting framework. Further companies not only need accurate and faster data for reporting but also analytical information (in form of dashboards or other formats) which can be used for decision making by management.

ConvergeSol provides solutions that can aggregate the data from different sources and provide customized reports and analytics as required by the client.




Custom Report Development

The case study talks about intricate problems related to migration, report parameter dropdown and report customizations using Crystal Report Server version 12 and vendor product API . Read More.

Reporting Framework for family offices.

Family offices require faster time to market, more accurate data and Customization capability in their reporting framework to fulfill the needs of their Ultra high net worth clients and stakeholders, the head of the family, family members and their trusted advisors. These needs range from financial planning activities like investment planning, tax planning, Wealth management, Succession planning and also to manage their non-financial assets, private business & illiquid assets (real estate, art work, collectibles etc.). Read More.